[New Feature] Notifications

Introducing our new feature: Notifications! Organizers can now send emails AND notifications on EventHub. Read on to find out how you can use this.


We have added a new section right next to the chat window called “Notifications” where attendees and exhibitors can check incoming notifications from the organizer. (Due to this change we have moved the Favorites section to the left side of the screen)

Great for announcements of…:

  • Updates to the program

  • Instructions when arriving

  • Surveys and polls

  • Recommended highlights

and more.

Because many of our users were telling us that they wished they could see the full event schedule when figuring out their meeting appointments. They were tired of going back and forth between EventHub and the event website – so we listened to their voices and rolled out this new feature!

PC version

Smartphone version

Event organizers can create, edit and send notifications from their admin page. They can send the notifications immediately or schedule them ahead of time.  

Look out for these further developments in the future…

  • Segment push

  • Direct referrals to specific pages within EventHub

Interested in finding more about this feature? Send a note to our sales team at and get a free demo!