3 case studies: Exhibition, conference and job fair

  • Event category

    Exhibition・Conference・Job fair

  • Duration

    1 day ~

  • The number of participants

    300 ~ 25000

I was able to book more than 10 meetings over the course of two days thanks to EventHub. I was able to meet up with people that I otherwise would not have met, which is very helpful when attending the event from abroad. - EdTech Asia Summit participant

Case studies of business matching in different types of events from conferences, exhibitions to career fairs

Creating a great business matching experience for attendees and exhibitors is a common goal for many event exhibitors. However, exactly how to do so differs slightly based on the type of event.

Before jumping right into it, it’s important for event organizers to first ask themselves the following questions:

  • What kind of business matching do we want to promote? Scheduled formal meetings, or casual meet-ups?
  • Who do we want to match with whom among our participants?
  • How is the venue going to be set up? Are there meeting rooms or are tables up for grabs?

At EventHub we help event organizers answer these questions in order to craft the business matching experience to meet their event goals.

Below, we’ll introduce case studies from different types of events to show how each event organizer approached business matching and how participants used EventHub networking tool at the events.

Matching exhibitors and attendees’ needs at a large-scale exhibition

Event name:Embedded Technology 2017 & IoT Technology 2017
Event category : Exhibition
Length: 3 days
Scale: 25000 participants

・Type of matching: Casual stop-bys at booths and proper business meetings in rooms
・Matching between: Exhibitors and attendees and among exhibitors.
・Venue set-up: Rooms set up for meetings

At trade shows and exhibitions, organizers generally want to promote business matching among exhibitors and attendees. In some exhibitions, only exhibitors and attendees are allowed to conduct meetings with each other; in other cases, we’ve seen completely open matching, where attendees can also match with other attendees. We can accommodate all of these needs since EventHub’s business matching solution helps organizers segment participants into different groups and pre-set matching patterns.

At ET 2017 and IoT Technology 2017, while the organizer allowed open matching among everyone, the primary goal was to promote matching exhibitors and attendees.  Rather than promoting casual catch-ups and networking, this event provided sectioned meeting rooms so that attendees and exhibitors can have proper meetings on the venue.

By accessing EventHub business matching before the day of the event, attendees were able to look up exhibited products to plan which booths to visit on the day of.  Attendees and exhibitors also made meeting appoints and booked meeting rooms through EventHub.

Words from the organizer:

EventHub helped us not only match attendees and exhibitors, but also gain insight on what products and partnerships they are looking for at our event.  Since our industry changes extremely rapidly, customers needs change year to year. Being able to see solid data through EventHub helps us get a better understanding of what needs we are meeting and what we are not, which we can reflect into planning for our next event.

Embedded Technology 2017 & IoT Technology 2017
Eliana Lee, JTB Communication Design

Improving customer satisfaction with better networking at an EdTech conference

Event name:EdTech Asia Summit
Event category : Conference
Length: 2 days
Scale: 300+

・Type of matching: casual networking and meetings
・Matching between: everyone

EdTech Asia Summit 2017 is an edtech conference held in Ho Chi Minh City, vietnam, for education experts and leaders primarily in the Asian region. Event organizer wanted to provide attendees with an easy networking tool so decided to provide everyone with access to EventHub weeks before the event.  

As soon as the site was open, attendees were scheduling meetings with each other.  Because the event was fairly international with many coming from outside of Vietnam, attendees were determined to make the most out of event attendance by setting up appointments. This is a pattern we commonly see; the more invested participants are (e.g., taking the time to attend the event from abroad), the higher the expectation of ROI, making providing a good networking experience that much more important.

Photo credit: EdTech Asia

Words from a participant:

I’m very satisfied with my event experience here, as I was able to book more than 10 meetings over the course of two days thanks to EventHub. I was able to meet up with people that I otherwise would not have met, which is very helpful when attending the event from abroad.

EdTech Asia Summit participant
Takuya Honma, Quipper

Matching companies and job seekers at a career conference

Event category : Career conference / job fair

Length: 1 day  
Scale: 1000+

・Type of matching: Stop-by at booths & casual networking
・Matching between: Everyone, with a focus on exhibitors & attendees
・Venue set-up: Free for grab tables set up for meetings

START VENTURE FESTIVAL is a career conference for students and young professionals seeking career opportunities in Japan’s tech industry. The event consists of panel discussions, speeches, and exhibitions by dozens of companies over a span of two days in the middle of Tokyo. The event organizers’ primary goal was to match exhibiting companies and job seekers.

Many matches were made by companies approaching job seekers, as expected. To the organizers’ pleasant surprise, there was also a surprising number of job seekers taking action and approaching companies.  Job generally fairs tend to provide job seekers with a list of companies and their profiles; with a matchmaking platform, job seekers are able to browse through real peoples’ profiles and approach individuals that they want to ask personal questions to.  

photo credit: Start Venture Festival

Words from the organizer:

We’re happy that EventHub helped us match exhibitors and job seekers and helped us achieve our event goal. I Saw hundreds of attendees stopping by the hallway to chat up as a result of approaching each other on EventHub. It helped attendees stay at the venue for longer than usual, and increasing the overall engagement of the event.  We’re very happy with the results.

CEO, Rightmap
Ryogo Suzuka


In the case studies above, we showed examples of exhibitions (trade shows), conferences, and job fairs. While there are many types of events, beyond the three that we introduced, as long as there are attendees seeking networking with other attendees, we have found that technology can help a lot

Creating a business matching experience depends largely on what type of event you are running and what your event goals are. If you’re unsure of where to start, please send a note and we’ll help you craft your own business matching experience.