Tokyo Game Show 2019

Doubling the number of meetings at an international gaming exhibition

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The result was outstanding: The number of business matches made more than doubled, and the number of exchanges (conversations) quadrupled!

Tokyo Game Show 2019

EventHub was the official business matching platform for the Tokyo Game Show, an international game exhibition held in September.

Tokyo Game Show 2019, one of the world’s largest game exhibitions

Tokyo Game Show is one of the world’s largest game exhibitions and takes place annually in Tokyo. In 2019, there were 2417 booths total, by 655 exhibitors and organizations. 

Tokyo Game Show consists of public viewing days – where the general public gets to participate – and business days, where exhibitors and participants gather to engage in business talks.

Tokyo Game show had long been using business matching systems to connect exhibitors and visitors during business days. However, this year, they decided to switch their system to EventHub for the first time to provide the event with a better business matching experience.

The result was outstanding: The number of business matches made more than doubled, and the number of exchanges (conversations) quadrupled!

Here is the full statistic:

• The number of matches increased by 224% compared to the previous year.
The number of conversations (total numbers of exchanges made, including matches) increased by 391% compared to the previous year.

Tokyo Game Show highlighted this feat in their official event report that was just published, saying: “This year we improved the business matching system and the number of meetings saw a massive improvement. The total number of meetings held was 1496, more than double that of last year. As an international exhibition that gathers game businesses from all over the world, this result established our status as a hub of the gaming business even more.” (Quoted from the official announcement)

Here’s the chart outlining the increase in engagement over the month before the event. We released the EventHub matching site about a month before the event, and engagement immediately took off, accelerating a couple of weeks before the event.

Another notable impact was that, according to the event committee, despite the hike in the number of meetings, participants contacted customer support much less frequently compared to the year before. The committee thinks that this is largely due to EventHub’s design simplicity and usability, and that it is in-par with matching systems often used in conferences abroad.

A couple of members from our team went to check out on the event.  Here is what we saw and how business matching was conducted at the venue. 

Event Report

Tokyo Game Show is held at Makuhari Messe, Japan’s one of – if not the – largest exhibition venue. It is so large that walking from end to end takes about twenty minutes.

The majority of the venue is for exhibitor booths, where visitors can see and play the newest games each company is releasing. Business meetings do take place in the exhibition area, but there is also a completely separate, designated business meeting area at the end of the floor. This area is largely where visitors gathered to meet up with each other through EventHub.


A signboard at the venue and a dedicated venue map.

We (EventHub team) arrived at the venue in the morning and headed to the business day area of the exhibition floor, where the meetings set up on EventHub were being held. 



Interviews with EventHub users at the Tokyo Game Show

We took the opportunity to interview participants from various nationalities that were at the event. 

Especially for participants traveling a long way to attend, achieving high event ROI is critical, and one way of ensuring high ROI is to secure meetings ahead of the event.  Many participants that we spoke with were making use of EventHub to the fullest and making appointments well ahead of the event date. They said that it was especially helpful given that Japanese businessmen tend to be shy and it is difficult to spark spontaneous conversations or meetings with them.

“EventHub was very easy to use! It was good to have a matching tool because it’s very important for visitors like us to know that we will have fruitful meetings on the day of the event. I had no problem using the tool as I was already familiar with ones used in European conferences. “

“The matchmaking tool was very useful! There were times I forgot to reserve locations for my meetings but it was not an issue since the tool came with a chat function.”

“I used EventHub during the entire event.  I can’t imagine Tokyo Game Show Business Day without this!”

Guaranteeing high event ROI with business matching

Overall, business matching at Tokyo Game Show 2019 turned out to be a spectacular success. Compared to the year before, implementation of EventHub increased the number of meetings by 224% and the number of conversations (total number of exchanges made, including matches) increased by 391%.

Thank you to everyone who used it and gave great feedback!  

Tokyo Game Show 2019