Japan Africa Business Forum & EXPO

Connecting Japanese and African companies at a large-scale forum &expo on Japan-African relations

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Mr. Yamada

Japan Africa Business Forum & EXPO

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Japan-Africa Business Forum & EXPO” was held at the 7th TICAD Conference, one of the largest events on Japan-African relations, in August. EventHub was the official matchmaking platform for African and Japanese businesses. 

We interviewed Mr.Yamada, who was in charge of the Japan-Africa Business Forum on why he wanted to run this event with EventHub.

EventHub: What kind of an event is “Japan-Africa Business Forum & EXPO”?

Mr.Yamada: This business forum & expo took place during the 7th TICAD Conference. The purpose of this expo is to strengthen economic relations between Japan and Africa by connecting participating companies with each other. 

At the Business Forum, political leaders from Japan and Africa spoke about the recent trends and the potential of African businesses.  We also introduced leading African startups and examples of collaborations with companies from non-African regions.

At the Business Expo, 156 Japanese companies and companies from 45 countries in Africa participated to exhibit their products and look for new investment and partnership opportunities.

This time, we used the business matching service “EventHub” as a tool to connect Japanese and African businesses for these two events.

EventHub: why did you want to use a matchmaking service? 

Mr.Yamada: We have organized many business seminars and have provided networking opportunities in the past. However, we found networking and matching without knowing each other’s information beforehand inefficient. We started looking for business matching services to provide a better networking experience. 

EventHub: why did you choose EventHub? Did you have any expectations or concerns before using the service?

Mr.Yamada: I think it is very useful that people can make meeting appointments without disclosing their personal information like email addresses. It is especially useful at events where there are many overseas participants where the level of comfort with personal information disclosure varies by country. 

We also liked the fact that the organizer can set search keywords according to the event’s business needs. Additionally, the data analytics tool on EventHub allowed us to observe what kind of marches were being made and how we can make the event better for the participating companies in the future.

EventHub: How were the results? 

Mr.Yamada: Results were better than expected! 2000 connections were made on EventHub. We were able to achieve our event’s mission, which is promoting business collaborations between Africa and Japan. 

We received many positive feedback from people who used the service. Some of the things we heard were: They were able to set up a lot of meetings; it increased their ROI of attendance; it was helpful to know each other’s information beforehand to prepare for an effective meeting. It was a very effective tool to increase both the number and quality of meetings conducted at the event. We look forward to working with more events in the future. 

Thank you Mr.Yamada! 

We were able to gather feedback from participants from various countries from this event regarding their experience using EventHub. Here is what everyone had to say …

  • “It was very useful as I was able to set up appointments in advance and could take the time to research and prepare for the meeting” 

  • “We were able to meet with ministers, agents, and consultants, that otherwise were not available on public sources and online communities” 

  • “The networking service was very practical and helped me to meet several Japanese companies”

  • “Since TICAD 7 consists of several events, it was challenging to meet people and get to know them. By using Eventhub, it allowed me to have easier contact and gain information about participant’s profiles and interests.”

Mr. Yamada

Japan Africa Business Forum & EXPO

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)