Information Security Policy

Basic principle


EventHub, Inc(hereafter referred to as 'the company')operates an event management service. The information assets handled by this company during the course of our business, including our client's personal information, is of the upmost importance to us and our business foundation. Those who handle information assets, including our directors and employees, understand the importance of protecting personal information at all costs, and strictly adhere to our policy at all times to avoid security risks such as information leaks, damages, destruction, etc. We are constantly undertaking practices to ensure information security is at all times preserved in terms of confidentiality, integrity and usability.


Basic policy


1. In order to protect our information assets, this company has set in place an information security policy with related rules and regulations, and operate in accordance with this policy. We also comply with laws and ordinances relating to information security, regulations and other criterion, as well as the terms outlined in our client agreements.


2. In order to clarify the standards for assessing and analyzing existing information asset related risks such as leaks, damages, destruction, etc, we have established a systematic risk assessment policy, and carry out regular risk assessments. We will implement the necessary and appropriate measures based upon the findings of these assessments.


3. Together with clarifying responsibility and authority in relation to information security, we have also established an information security system headed by the designated officers. Furthermore, all employees fully understand the importance of information security, and ensure they act in an appropriate manner when handling any information assets, as well as receiving regular training and development .​ ​


4. Compliance with our information security policy and handling of information assets will be periodically inspected and audited. Should any deficiency or needed improvement be discovered, corrective measures will be swiftly taken.​ ​


5. In the unlikely event of a security information breach or incident, the appropriate countermeasures will be taken. The company will develop an appropriate response in advance in order to minimize damage and take the appropriate and swift corrective action should an emergency situation arise. Moreover, we have an established framework for managing incidents, particularly those which lead to a disruption in business, which will be regularly reviewed to ensure the continuation of our operations.


6. With the objective of implementing our basic principle, we have established an information security management system which is put into constant practice with continuous improvements and revisions.​ ​



Established 9/1/2020
EventHub, Inc
Rie Yamamoto, CEO