Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

1. Declaration regarding source of sale

Please refer to the individual event page to see the declaration regarding the distribution source of each ticket.​ ​


2. Information regarding ticket sales platform service provider


EventHub, Inc.

EventHub, Inc solely provides the platform through which attendees can purchase tickets from the selling agency. We are not a party in any contract of sale between event attendees or others.​ ​


(2)Name of representative, or individual in charge of operations relating to online shopping services

Rie Yamamoto



Higashinihonbashi EX Building 7F, 3-4-18, Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0004




3. Selling price of goods/cost of service

The price displayed on the transaction page of each product or service.


4. Regarding necessary costs outside of the cost of service

※ Internet connection fees and all other connection charges must be handled separately by the client (the amount will be set out as determined in the client's individual contracts).


5. Method of payment

Credit card


6. Period of payment

The period varies depending on the expiry date, or the conditions set out in the contract of the credit card in use. Please contact your credit card provider for more information.​ ​


7. Period of service or delivery of goods

Provided immediately after approval of the credit card in use.


8. Regarding refunds/cancellations

Once the transaction procedure has been completed, this site can not process refunds or cancellations for our products or services. Should any defect in our product or service arise it will be handled in accordance with the conditions set out in our terms of service.
For for information on products or services with special sales or offer terms and conditions, please refer to the transaction page of the respective product or service.​ ​


9. Operating evironment

See here for more information