イベントご紹介〜Japan Partner Conference /Microsoft Innovation Lab 2019〜

EventHub has been adopted as an official matching tool that can be used at the events of “Japan Partner Conference 2019” and “Microsoft Innovation Lab 2019” hosted by Microsoft Japan! !

EventHub was introduced to accelerate the business networking of visitors at the above two events. In addition to exchanges with major companies, start-up companies, VCs, CVCs, investors, etc. that you plan to visit, this site is a place where you can easily interact with Microsoft employees. If you plan to attend the event, please feel free to use it as a tool for exchanging information and finding new encounters and connections!

[Event Outline]
Organizer: Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Date: August 30, 2019 
Location: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

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Japan Partner Conference 2019
Microsoft Innovation Lab 2019